Substance Abuse Coalition

The Town of Acton Health Department has been awarded a grant to develop a strategic plan to confront substance abuse among the 50+ population. Our mission is to raise awareness about the severity of substance abuse in the community and reduce the stigma for seeking help by establishing a coalition of providers, disseminating resources and creating a strategic plan for sustainability. We also plan to provide a resource guide with providers' information including services offered, insurance expected and phone numbers.

For more information please contact Sheryl Ball at or 978-929-6632.

Anonymous Survey for Town Acton Substance Use

Your input is needed in a anonymous survey that the Acton Health Department launched with the assistance from a newly formed Substance Use Disorder Coalition. Survey results will help enlighten the health department to how widespread the problem is in town and what kinds of educational programs and support should be provided. To take the survey go to the Health Department page on the town website and click on the link to the survey.

According to Health Director Sheryl Ball, “our goal is to raise awareness particularly in the senior population about the severity of substance misuse, now known as Substance Use Disorder (SUD). We plan to develop ways to reduce the stigma of seeking help and identify and publicize available resources.”

You may find the ANONYMOUS survey by clicking here.

For more information about the coalition, help finding the survey or resources contact Sheryl Ball at

Help Lines

If you are in crisis, please call 911. If you need assistance, try these help lines:

  • The Massachusetts Substance Abuse Help Line
  • National Helpline
    1-800-662-HELP (4357)
  • William James College Interface
    617-332-3666 ext 1 or 888-244-6843 (Monday-Friday 9-5PM)

Support Lines

For support, families can contact:

Support Groups

If you need additional help or resources click here.