Licenses and Permits

The Land Use Department (Building, Conservation and Natural Resources, Health, and Planning and Zoning) handles the majority of licenses and permits in Town. Other departments such as the Engineering, Fire, Town Clerk, and Town Manager Departments are also involved in the review process for specific permits and projects. For an overview of each Department’s permitting responsibilities, visit the Licensing and Permitting Department webpage. For more information on a specific type of permit, contact the Department in charge of issuing and handling that permit. If you are unsure as to which Department to contact about a license or permit you many need, please contact the Town Manager's Office.

Applications and Forms

Find all permit and license applications and forms by visiting the appropriate department page.


Fees are associated with most licenses and permits and vary based on the type of license/permit and the size of the project. To determine if a fee is required for a license or permit, visit the appropriate department page.

Planning Documents

The Town’s bylaws and plans should be reviewed prior to the start of any development process as they regulate and guide the future growth and development of Acton. Click on the Planning Documents page to find links to the Acton 2020 Comprehensive Community Plan, Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision and Special Permit Rules and Regulations, area plans and studies, Rail Trail maps, and much more.

Online Services

For your convenience, we have additional resources available online called Citizen Self Service where you are able to:

  • Check the status of an application or permit
  • Review departmental plan review comments
  • View development project and permit history

If you can’t find what you are looking for in Citizen Self Service, please contact the appropriate department.