Marriage License

Applying for a Marriage License

To apply for a marriage license, the couple must come to the Town Clerk’s office together, in person. Both parties must be 18 years of age or older in order to apply for a marriage license, unless they obtain a court waiver from a probate or district court.

Although documentation is not required at the time of the application it is necessary for both parties to obtain and be knowledgeable of the following information:
  • Social Security Number (if a person does not have one then they are to supply a reason why)
  • Mother's maiden name
  • City, State, Country of birthplace

After filing an intention of marriage the couple must wait a mandatory period of 3 business days (this does not include Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays). After the 3 day period the couple may pick up their license. The license is valid for 60 days from the date of application, for example if a couple applies for their marriage certificate on March 1st, the license is valid until April 30th.

The fee for obtaining a marriage license is $20.00. Certified copies of the marriage license are $5.00 each.